9 Awesome Platforms to Help You Sell Your Art

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I am in no way partners or affiliates with any of the websites and selling platforms listed in this article. We just think they're awesome and provide a great space for creativepreneurs to sell they artwork and handmade goods.

Handmade Goodness


This place is all about keeping the human factor in the commerce experience. 

"Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures" (etsy.com).

"With low fees, powerful tools, and support and education, we help creative entrepreneurs start, manage, and scale their businesses. Want to become an Etsy seller? All it takes is 20 cents to get started" (etsy.com).

Etsy does a terrific job at providing tools, a seller handbookforumsblog articles, and even a podcast to ensure that each sellers has a chance at success. 

You get your very own Etsy shop and url (www.yourshopname.etsy.com)

Handmade at Amazon

Not much is known about Handmade at Amazon, It seems to have a more hefty application and sign-on process than Etsy. But it might be worth looking into if you're an hard-core Amazon fan.

Handmade at Amazon has a similar set-up to Etsy. You get an Artisan profile page where you share your products, studio/shop updates, and more. 

Etsy vs. Handmade at Amazon (stats from 2016):


Charges $0.20 per listing (4 months)

Takes 3.5% transaction fee for each sale

Products can be made however shop owners see fit. The goal is to create a connection with buyers.

Handmade at Amazon

Charges sellers $40/month just to use their platform 

Takes a 12% fee for each sale

Products must be truly handmade by the seller. No employees or third parties involved in the hand making process

To learn about the differences between Etsy and Handmade at Amazon, check out these articles:
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Graphic Design Assets

Creative Market

"Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design content from independent creatives around the world" (creativemarket.com)

As of today they have sold 2,043,060 product with 4,347,965 members and 25,819 shops.

At Creative Market you can sell design templates, mock-ups, stock photography, graphics, themes, fonts, and more. It's a great way to make some extra moola with designs and templates you've already created for yourself.

The final products are always digital downloads from these shops, which makes shipping non-existent and you, one stress free creativepreneur.

Get Your Swag On

Society 6 (Good)

Society6 is home to hundreds of thousands of artists from around the globe, uploading and selling their original works as 30+ premium consumer goods from Art Prints to Throw Blankets. They create, Society 6 produces and fulfills, and every purchase pays an artist (society6.com)

For me personally, this is my least favorite platform to use, the website is poorly designed. there is no easy main menu to access your shop or edit your products, its kinda hidden and nondescript. 

Tee Public (Better)

This platform is quick and easy! With Tee Public you can bulk upload your designs and you make it one size and it's applied to a dozen clothing articles, and you can easily edit it to fit other products as well. 

The usability of the website is mediocre, but manageable.

Redbubble (Best)

"Redbubble was born in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. The dream was simple. Give independent artists a meaningful new way to sell their creations. Today, we connect over 400k artists and designers across the planet with millions of passionate fans. A brave (and dare we say stylish) new world of self expression."

As far as quality is concerned, Redbubble has the best website out of the three swag platforms.  It's a lot more professional and the have WAY more options for clothing, decor and other goodies. This one is my favorite, but it is a little more time consuming. 

Do your own thang with Swag

The Printful

This is a good one! The Printful is fulfillment platform. They have a TON of products for you to stamp your design on and it can connect with your stores such as Shopify, Etsy, Squarspace, Amazon, Gumroad, and more! It links up and processes the orders, prints them and ships them, and YOUR logo appears on everything. They have even added a feature where your can add more goodies and surprises in your shipments. Learn more about The Printful here.

Other Awesome Platforms


"Spoonflower was founded in May 2008 by two Internet geeks, Gart Davis and Stephen Fraser, whose creative wives asked why there wasn’t anywhere to design custom fabric for their home décor. The first company of its kind, Spoonflower was launched in Durham, N.C., on that dream of empowering the individual to create on-demand, custom-designed textiles."

So basically you can upload a pattern and sell it in the form of fabric, wallpaper, wrapping paper, etc. It's pretty neat, especially if you're into sewing or pattern design.

Your Website

Having your own website is extremely beneficial. It sets you apart, it's more professional, and it gets your buyers away from your competition, unlike Amazon or Etsy where they are constantly exposing buyers to other options that are not yours. 


Now I can't speak for Gumroad as a seller because I have personally never used it for my business, BUT I know A LOT of creatives who use it and really like it. The target audience for Gumroad is the creative industry. You can sell digital or physical products, but I've mostly seen artists with digital products like printables or web comics. As a customer I think Gumroad has a fabulous system in place. 


"Our all-in-one platform gives you everything you need to run your business. Whether you’re just getting started or are an established brand, our powerful platform helps your business grow." –Squarespace peeps

I LOVE Squarespace! It is so simple and easy to use and as a designer, I really want to create websites that are easy to hand off to my clients, but that's not what this post is about. 

Squarespace provides an easy way to upload imagery and product info. And having your own webspace gets your buys away from the competition.