Prayer Papa: A Story about Chris Sonnenburg

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I first heard this story on the Bancroft Brother's podcast and couldn't resist repeating it:

Chris Sonnenburg, like many young animators, adores Glen Keane (famous character animator at Disney since the 1970's). Glen Keane is a very skilled, devoted and a good christian man. Chris developed a unique connection to Glen Keane that he didn't even know about for years. 

Sonnenburg, a Cal Arts grad and Disney animator, developed a strong relationship with his girlfriend and even with her family through out his high school and early college years. Her father was a major role model in his life and was a police officer. He protected his daughter and Chris through the years and even helped him move into his dorm. 

A few years later Chris started seeing a different gal who eventually became his wife. Her father was a highly esteemed choir director at a music school and Glen Keane was a huge fan of her father's work. He often viewed his performances and one day they met up to chat and discuss concertos during lunch.

At this point in time Chris was working at Disney and the choir director asked Glen Keane if he knew Chris Sonnenburg. And Glen Keane said, "Yeah, I've been praying for him for years."

Chris' ex-girlfriend's father (the police officer) knowing Chris was a major fanboy of Glen Keane, sent a letter to Keane and asked him to pray for Chris while he was in art school. The police officer took a total shot in the dark by sending this letter, with no reply from Glen Keane, and Keane didn't even know Chris. But Keane graciously kept Chris in his mind even while working diligently on classic Disney animated films. 

Fast forward to after Chris graduated and was working at Disney, Glen was still praying for him, even without a face to the name, while Chris was probably working right down the hall!

"It's like the Ten Commandments meets Twilight Zone!" said the Bancroft Brothers.

Chris and Glen are now dear friends and meet every so often to catch up and keep the bond strong. Chris expressed great gratitude for the prayers throughout the podcast and is forever touched by Glen Keane's kindness. 

The Bancroft Brother's happily stated, "It's like he's your 'Prayer Papa.' "