How I Go About My Day as a Part-Time Freelancer


I’m awake. My bladder is the one to tell me to wake up. I use the toilet, get back into bed, snuggle, and run through my instagram feed for a few minutes. I stay if Jason is extra snuggly, if not, hit the gym. 

I jog through the frosty apartment complex to get to the gym. The cold is refreshing. The warmth of the clubhouse and gym are welcoming. Treadmill and HGTV time. The small gym is empty, as usual. I like that. 

My body says I’m done. Jog back. 10 minute tidy. Make Jason’s lunch. Breakfast. I’m starving. Eggs are my go-to with a glass of V8 or orange juice. Tackle a nagging task, stretch, work on my puzzle, or breeze through Instagram, again.

Drive Jason to work. Hug and kiss goodbye. Call Mom or Jess on the drive back, if no answer pull up a podcast. The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast or the Happier Podcast. 

Marco with Jess. Work time. I’m alone. My body is happy and refreshed because of the work out. I bounce on my balance ball as I pull up spotify. Acapella and broadways are my current hits. Or Owl City radio Go through my list of clients and desires: Red Aspen, BILT, SwellFox, Camp Creativepreneur, development or education.  

Desktop: Illustrator, PhotoShop. iPad: ProCreate, AstroPad. Always: Google. My main tools.

Lunch time. Food and Hulu. Make food, 20 min. Enjoy food and watch TV, 40 mins. This Is Us or an old Disney Channel or Nickelodeon cartoon show. Marco Polo with Jess, again. Post to Instagram.

Resume client work, or blogging on Camp Creativepreneur.  

Pick up Jason from work. The dreaded rush hour and waiting for Jason takes a total of an hour and a half on average of my day. Bleh. Luckily I have an iPad and a travel size art kit (watercolor palette, sketchbook, watercolor brush pen, pencil, and inking pens).

My work day is over. Officially. I make it clear to my clients that my evenings are mine, or Jason’s. Do some more blogging, draw, learn something new, or work on my puzzle for an hour. 

Dinner time. Since it’s just the two of us we do dinner late. And I am the laziest chef in the world, so don’t expect Pinterest-perfect meals. We eat at our coffee table 90% of the time, in front of the TV. 

Psych, The Good Doctor are our go-to shows right now. We snuggle and lounge late into the night until we fall asleep and drag ourselves to bed. Sometimes we play games, go for a walk when it’s warm, go to the movies, visit with friends, or budget. Sounds glamorous, right?

After all this routine stuff I’ve come to agree with Gretchen Ruben, “The days are long. The years are short.” I still am in disbelief at how fast each month goes by, how old I’ll be, and how big my nieces and nephews are getting. 

I try to fill my day with connecting with people even though I am alone for most of it. Key word, TRY. I’m not the greatest at it, but I know I like it when someone notices the small things about me or my day. I try to pay it forward. 

I am grateful for my skills and talents, but get overwhelmed with so many artist directions to take. I want to do all of them. And I am grateful for modern technology to allow me to accomplish my work, hobbies, and communication with clients and family. 

This is the end of my routine thoughts.