Moving Madness

We recently moved, and we tried to be hopeful and stay positive, but our movers blew it.

November 9th, 2018

This week has been pretty grueling. I tried to surgar coat it and make it smoother, but events that were out of my control kept creeping in and made it hard to keep a happy face.  


Jason, bless him and all his efforts, dealt with getting our WiFi set up in advance. He first called AT&T. Big mistake. They are ALWAYS looking to sell you something. Jason was on the phone with them for an hour simply requesting the rate for internet after the first year and they took him through this long list of mundane and irrelevant questions.

Name? Address? What do you do for work? How many devices do you have? How many TVs do you have? What are your work hours? Social security number? How many hamsters do you have? ...

1 hour later

Oh and where do you live? Okay let me see if I can actually offer you our services in that area. Nope. Have a nice day.

Jason was about to rip his hair out!

Then he called Xfinity/Comcast. They were great, but we ran into technical difficulties, which delayed the installment of our WiFi. I reached my data limit on my phone, so that made me want to rip my hair out.


Our movers are an interesting bunch. I was told given the impression that our inventory/assets/stuff (what ever you want to call it) would arrive on Monday or Tuesday or at the VERY LEAST this week. Nope. False hopes.  

Monday half way through our trip to Foster City we emailed our moving people and they said our load wouldn’t arrive until the 14th!!?! Wait, what!? You mean to tell me that you had me all stressed out to arrive in the Bay Area only to arrive empty handed!?!?!  

I bugged them and emailed them and asked if we could get another driver, and such, and then the emailed me with, “good news we found a new driver. Your things are garaunteed to arrive on the 14th.” Wait, WHAT!?!?! It was already garaunteed to arrive on the 14th. You mean there was a chance that it was going to be LATE!?!


LUCKILY, for them, they were able to arrange another driver to do what they call “last on, first off” with our stuff so everything will arrive Monday morning.

Move in date

Right as we pulled into Foster City, I saw a voicemail from the apartment manager. In the message she basically said call me ASAP in regards to your move in date.


So we called and she said, “We need to push back your move in date because the master bathroom isn’t finished.”

Ahhh NAH! We is moving in. TUH-DAY!! We’re at the bank getting our first payment ready, with no place to live, expenses maxed out and a car full of stuff. We’re moving in. NOW!

Well it was an hour later. They had to make new keys for us.  

First World Problems, Guilt, Blessed

With all this happening I DO realize they are all first world problems. I served a mission in Nicaragua for 18 months. I know poverty. I know I am beyond blessed with my cushy, spoiled life with WiFi, computers, video games, an over priced bedroom set...

If you want a good first world problem laugh/reality check what Studio C Sketch, Season 9 Episode 6 start at 9:05. (It’s still new, so there’s no direct YouTube link yet)

and yet... I still fall into that hole of griping about my first world problems. I am in a state of discontent and impatience and whining. I feel like Rapunzel when she first leaves her tower. But the emotions bounce between gratitude for what I have and whining about what I don’t have. Recognizing that others have less and feeling guilty for having more.

But I always have to remember that God does not use that measuring stick. Me vs. the people of Nicaragua is only in my head. The adversaries way of getting me down. That’s still no excuse for not finding the joy and being grateful.

Baby Loss on top

And when I think about being hard on myself, I have to remember to give myself grace. I just went through life shaking and changing experiences. A Miscarriage AND a move all within 2 weeks! Of course I’m going to experience crazy emotions. Of course it’s going to be hard. Of course there will be things that effect me that are beyond my control. OF COURSE I’m going to cry.

OF COURSE I’m going on long walks along our beautiful lagoon, going to Target and reading my scriptures to find a happy place.

I posted a similar meme on my instagram stories.

Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 3.12.51 PM.png

Also evidence that I’m a Disney nerd and my brain relates everything to a Disney movie moment.

So welcome to the Story of Mace Life where emotions run high, and imperfection is obvious, we love Disney and life is tough. So get a helmet.




November 14th, 2018

Monday was an angry day, because


I was livid!

Yep! That’s right. The driver was suppose to call, but never did. Our movers and their drivers screwed us over. And not only that, they have NO IDEA WHEN IT’S GOING TO COME. They don’t even have a new driver assigned to us! And they can’t guarantee a delivery before Thanksgiving! They pretty much can’t guarantee ANYTHING!

At this point they have broken contract, and their response is that nothing can be done!?!?! GUH!

So we could take drastic measures, fly out there, get some help, load up a Uhaul and tote everything down ourselves, because our movers are INCOMPETENT!

We could ask for a manager, I have no idea what that’s going to do. I feel like it won’t do much.

Or we could sit a twiddle our fingers and do nothing except wait.  

What I have decided to do... pass it all on to Jason. Yep. I’m just going to let it go. Live with what we’re working with right now. Missionary mode in Nicaragua. But even there we had a place to sit.  

Don’t worry we have a place to sit now. I bought a cheap-o fold-up table + chairs set from Target and a few other hygiene, beauty, and medicinal items since Monday. I’ve tried to make our air mattress more comfy by putting a heavier blanket underneath us and putting away groceries and such. We were going to wait until our stuff arrived, but alas, our waiting has been in vain.

Smiles (to everyone except our MOVERS!!!),



November 28th, 2018

Jason and I ended up taking matters into our own hands and flew out to Boise, rented a Uhaul, and loaded up our junk ourselves. I didn’t see or speak to the people the I have been emailing this entire time. A part of me feels like they were purposely hiding in a corner to avoid our wrath because we were TICKED.

On the bright side…

I am so thankful for the people who pitched in last minute to help us load our stuff Monday morning and play tetris with our furniture and boxes in the Uhaul.

I am grateful for the training I received as a teenager from my dad with driving a giant old Ford F350 truck with a long bed. I got really good at making wide turns, which was great preparation for driving a Uhaul.

I am so appreciative of those in our new ward who helped us move in. It was very kind of them. And I applaud their efforts in getting our obnoxiously heavy dresser into the apartment. It was kind of nightmarish, but they got it in.

I am grateful for my sister and her family who let us crash her place even though she was sick and her husband was taking on the house work and regular work.

I am SO THANKFUL for my things. I know I’ve called it junk and stuff out of frustration with the movers, but I know I am incredibly blessed. I have a beautiful bedroom set, amazing technological gadgets that make my work more convenient and streamlined, a great collection of books, all the creative toys I’ve dreamed of having as a poor college student, the list can go on and on and on.

The point is. I am blessed.

I also want to say thank you for the prayers. I would look back after each crazy moment and think, “How did we do this?! oh wait, we weren’t alone.” I felt the prayers of family members, friends, and ministering angel ancestors help us along the way. Especially when I was driving the Uhaul. That thing is a beast, and no fun to drive long distances, it’s quite nerve wracking.

And I am glad this whole thing is over!


Nichole Mace