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Tuesday After

It’s Halloween. Last night was the first night that wasn’t interrupted by an overflowing pad or painful cramping. It was a good night, all things considered. Yesterday was better too. I pushed Monday a little too far with packing and lifting.

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Rainbow Baby Gifts

As odd it may seem, I am already thinking about my rainbow baby.  That next little baby is a symbol of hope and I will take all the hope I can get. It overpower grief and empowers my faith in something better. And since the primary symbol for a baby after a miscarriage is a rainbow I went rainbow cuh-razy. 

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Two Days After

After hearing about the news of my miscarriage. I was just sorrowful? Sad? Depressed? Hurt? In pain? Grief-stricken? No. None of those words describe it. I was down-right in the depths of a despair that could not be measured, deeper than any pain that I have ever felt in my entire life.

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