Red Aspen

CEO, Jesse McKinney, discovered my work on Etsy and liked the clean artwork I was producing. Branding was already established, but I helped maintain it and designed a logo for their training website called the “treehouse.” View more of my work with Red Aspen.

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BILT Intelligent Instructions

A logo and style guide was created by a previous design team. I simply expanded the design assets and maintained the branding. See more of my work with BILT.

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In partnership with my sister I have played a major role in developing this brand according to her mission, goals, vision, and dreams to develop products that create heartfelt connections, and help families and children to learn and tell stories. Get all the deets on this project.

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Artisans For Hope

Again a previous graphic designer created the logo. I went in and really established a brand and new look and feel to their website. See more about my work with Artisans For Hope.

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Ketamine Clinic of Eastern Washington

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Miscellaneous Logo Designs