Website Design

You’ve got this amazing business and maybe it’s just starting out, or maybe your bursting at the seams with success. You need a home base. A website that will set your business apart. It’s where you make the best impression on your faithful followers and customers. Once they get to your site, what do they see? This is where design decisions are crucial. I can help you create a website that is clean, crisp, and helps you stand out and accomplish your business goals.

Past Clients + Projects

Branding + Website Design: $3,000+

This package an expansion of the Branding Package, providing you with a cohesive brand and a fully designed Squarespace website. If you want to be viewed as professional and stand out against your competitors, this is for you.

What’s included:

  • One-on-one assistance with Squarespace set-up.

  • Laying the ground work of your website. Together we build up the content, imagery, and branding that you want to establish. We collaborate through email and websites such as Pinterest and Google Suite

  • 1 Squarespace website (domain and monthly/annual billing not included)

  • 1 Cohesive brand

    • Logo design (primary + secondary logos)

    • Typography/fonts

    • Color scheme

    • Mood board (A quick 1-page style reference of your brand)

    • Icons*

  • Optional Business Collateral*:

    • Business Cards

    • Flyers + Brochures

    • T-shirts + Swag

    • eBooks + presskits

My Process:

  1. Lay the ground work. Get to know you, your business, and your needs.

  2. Research. Learn more about your offerings, competitors, designs, etc. And getting your input along the way.

  3. Sketch. Rough sketches of logo and website layouts.

  4. Colorize + Fonts. We play with color schemes that will work best with your business. Color plays an important role in creating emotions in your viewers. We add color to your logo and establish a font combination.

  5. Finalize. Clean up those rough sketches and finalize the color swatches

  6. Collateral. Any of the optional business collateral will be designed at this stage.

  7. Reassurance. If you ever need any assistance in the future, I’m happy to help.

Through out the entire process, I keep you in the loop. You are informed of all design choices. I only present 1-2 options with each phase. This keeps things streamlined, simple, and avoids decision overwhelm.

At this point in time, I only offer a Brand + Website design combo package. I do not design websites with out the branding. I find that it is better to start from scratch and get a fresh start.

*Optional and additional fees may apply.