Well, hello there!


Hi, I’m Nichole!

I’m the creative behind this website + business and a few other projects. I’ve been an artistic being my entire life. I grew up receiving art supplies and Disney swag every birthday and Christmas (yes, even as an adult).

I love yoga, snowboarding, and riding my beach cruiser bike around our little town in the bay area. I try to play the ukulele, budget and cook, but fail and learn and keep trying. A lot. My one hope is that you feel comfortable here and learn something along the way. And maybe we’ll work together soon.

Work is a little slow right now since I am making the transition into motherhood with our baby girl, Genevieve, due October 2019. But don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email.


Bucket List

Projects I want to do:
Illustrate a children's book
Design that app for Jason
Printable greeting cards
Sell my own swag + shirts
Complete #Inktober

People I want to meet:
Claire Keane
Glen Keane
Brittney Lee
Eric Goldberg
Tom Bancroft
Tony Bancroft
Emma Block

Places I want to visit:
Hagia Sofia
CTN Animation Expo
Lightbox Expo
Pixar Studio
Laika Studio
DreamWorks Studio
Disney Animation Studio
Marceline, Missouri


Red Aspen
Ketamine OEW
Artisans For Hope 
John Bell Forestry

artists I admire

Claire Keane
Brittney Lee
Emma Block
Bethany Stancliffe
Steve Thompson
Glen Keane
Tom Bancroft
Tony Bancroft
Lauren Hooker
Kelsey Baldwin
Kwani Winder

Things I Do

Design + Doodle
Nuture Genevieve
Manage a home
Eat Brownies

Q & A

What is your favorite Disney character? I can't pick just one, but theses are my top two: Rapunzel, because she is adventurous, artistic, courageous, and kind.
And Mulan because she is sincere and and an advocate for her family, hard working, and has a determined spirit.

Do you draw or design everyday? Yep. It's always one or the other. Mostly for my clients. Sometimes it's just for fun or for volunteer purposes.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I'm never growing up, just getting older. And I just want to be a drawer, a teacher, and a mom.

Where did you get your training?

  • LDS Business College 2008-2010 | AS in General Studies | Business Writing, Marketing, Resumé Writing and Drawing

  • Disney College Program Fall 2010 | Guest Services, dedication, and creating magical experiences, Branding, Corporate Analysis, Disney history

  • BYU-Hawaii 2011 | Drawing, Photography, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Principles of Design, Art Curating, Ceramics, Korean Art History

  • BYU-Idaho 2013-2015 | BA Studio Arts, Emphasis in Graphic Design | Figure Drawing, Head Drawing, Watercolor, Adobe Creative Suite, Principles of Design, Bookmaking, Art History, Typography, Sequential Design, Interaction Design, UI/UX Design, User Testing, Curriculum development, Web Design, Print Design


  • Starting and Growing My Business For Self-Reliance 2017 | Certificate of Completion | Start or Grow a Business, Branding, Identifying your Audience, Customer Needs, Business Record Keeping, Budgeting, Marketing

  • Self Taught/Online Courses 2016-present | Creativepreneur + Etsy Shop Owner | Ink, Hand Lettering, Illustration, Etsy Business Success, Social Media Marketing, Pinterest Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Watercolor Lettering, Sketch Notes, Web Design, Print Design, Collaboration, Team Work, Non-profit Design + Collaboration

  • Resources:

What are your artistic goals? Ha! I feel like that are constantly changing, but my latest one is to shift into illustration. I don’t have an exact pinpoint on what I want to do. Nor do I know what I want my exact career title in the illustration industry to be. But I see the mountain I’m trying to climb, and I looking towards it taking one step at a time. One step towards climbing my mountain/goal is that I’ve been sharing my artwork on social media, and selling custom portrait illustrations on Etsy.

Do you have any regrets with your career path? I have always wanted to go into animation or illustration, but chose the graphic design route because it was "more stable" and "safer."  But this choice hasn't made me regretful, in fact, it's been the opposite, I'm so grateful. I felt like at the time when I was making my decision I wasn’t fully aware of ALL the career options in illustration. I have become more exposed to different forms of art/design and it has made me even more determined to always keep drawing apart of life.
I have always wanted to pursue a job designing or illustrating for Disney, but my priorities lie with family, and one of those priorities for me personally is making sure my husband LOVES his work first. My skillset/job allows me to work in a very flexible manner. I can work remotely, freelance, or set my own schedule and this makes me very happy. 

What advice would you give to budding artists that are still in school or just shifting into the arts?

  • Do what makes you and others happy, regardless of what other people might tell you about the industry.

  • Be frugal and resourceful, you don't need all the money in the world, latest greatest gadgets, or a trendy studio space to create something.

  • You CAN make money as an artist. You might have a very different lifestyle or process than your typical desk job, but making money is totally possible.

  • Take advantage of your time in school and especially your university's and local resources, you'll miss them once you graduate or move.

  • Follow your dreams. Work as hard as you play. And recognize that obtaining a skill takes time. Be patient with yourself.

I LOVE getting to know other artists and their lifestyle. What gets them motivated? What are their favorite tools and programs? What’s their business advice, etc.

If you’re an artist I would love to feature YOU! So what are you waiting for, click the button!